Is there a way to make a blotting paper more effective?


A blotting paper is a great thing to cope with the dust and smoke you have to face daily. When you’re going somewhere after taking a fresh bath, the dust coming at you makes your face dull. That’s where the need for blotting paper arises. All the problems associated with oily skin are easy to resolve using the same method; blotting paper. Here are a few ways you can use to make a blotting paper more effective.

· Check the Expiration date of blotting paper

Even though blotting paper is a kind of paper, it’s good to check the expiration date in order to know if it’s better to use. If you see an expired blotting paper, never try to use it for the sake of the experiment. It can destroy your skin and can cause harm to it. So, it’s a necessary step to check the expiration date before using it.

· Use One Blotting paper after another

The use of blotting paper must be done in a way that it removes what you want it to remove. Normally, we look for oil and dust that accumulates over our faces. So, using one blotting paper may not get the job done. For that reason, just use another one rather than thinking about it. That’s the only way for you to use it effectively.

· Compare your blotting paper with other beauty products

Comparing your blotting paper with beauty products is an effective way of using it. For example, if you compare it with your facewash, the latter may contain harmful chemicals. However, the blotting paper is made of natural things and can cause less harm. So, the use of blotting paper is the need of the hour in a number of ways.

Dust & Smoke vs Blotting Paper; Which one is superior and how?

Dust is just a mixture of particles that can make your face look dull and tanned. The main aim of a blotting paper is to reduce the effect of these things. It just goes over the surface where the dust particles are present, takes them with it, and clears the surface. It can absorb the oil appearing on the skin as well. All you need to do is to pat it against the skin, specifically the facial skin for which it is made. In this way, you’ll get to know how important it is to use blotting paper to have fair skin.


A blotting paper may not absorb the oil completely from the skin but it can make it visible to some extent. It gets a lot of criticism for not doing it completely but this isn’t the job of it to absorb oil only. It has numerous uses for other things also. You just can’t use it for the sake of getting better skin in a day or two. It takes a lot of time to do so. Hence, make sure that you use blotting paper to have brighter and fair skin.


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