What Are The Applications and Advantages of An Orifice Meter


A hydraulic orifice fitting may be useful in several industries to ensure accurate measurements. This article will explain some of the advantages and applications of this device.

What does an orifice meter do?

The primary purpose of an orifice meter is to help you measure the rate of flow of a liquid or gas. This is the most widely used orifice meter. However, not many know they’re limiting themselves when they use the orifice meter to measure only a liquid or gas. This meter can also measure a combination of liquid and gas. Some substances come in a mixed form of gas and liquid. An excellent example is a wet steam. Steam generally is a gaseous substance, but when it is wet, there are some liquid particles. If the damp steam passes through an orifice meter, it will measure both the gas and the liquid.

What is the installation process of an orifice meter?

The installation of an orifice meter follows the working process of the device. The device works by ensuring the gas or liquid goes through the orifice plate. When the liquid goes through the plate, there will be a reduction in the fluid pressure within the plate. That pressure drop is what the device will record. With that figure, it is easy to get the flow rate coming from the gas or liquid. The main parts of an orifice meter include the plates, the flow conditioner, the orifice inlet, and its outlet. The inlet is the entry, while the outlet is the exit. The use of the plates has been explained above, while the flow conditioner helps ensure an ideal flow within the system. It is usually at the inlet of the orifice plate, so the flow balances before it can get measured.

What are the industries that need the orifice meter?

The orifice meter is a device that can be used in different industries. It all depends on the use of the industry and what type of liquid. The liquid type will determine the use of the orifice meter. It will also determine the type of orifice that you will choose. Some of the industries that will need an orifice meter include;

  • Refineries that deal with fuels
  • Gas plants
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Natural gas plants

Why should you choose the orifice meter?

Choosing the orifice meter has a lot of advantages. Some of these advantages include;

  • It does not cost a lot of money
  • It is easy to use and maintain
  • It works for small and large pipework
  • You can use it in whatever position necessary.


An orifice meter may not be widely used by homeowners, but it has some tremendous industrial uses that will amaze you. As mentioned in this guide, the uses go beyond just using it for measuring purposes. You can use the orifice meter, and it’s fitting to measure liquids and gases. What’s more interesting is this meter is also very useful when you are measuring the liquid and gas in a combined state. With the information in this guide, you should start giving orifice fittings a thought if you’ve not already started giving a thought.

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