Making manure using a manure pellet mill


Organic farm manure helps when you need to do chemical-free farming in your garden. However, it might be difficult, especially when you do not have a reliable way to store the farm-based manure well without tolerating the sharp smells. If you want to store or sell your farm manure to people, you may consider keeping them in pellets. That means you will need to pelletize them using a manure pellet mill.

Pelletizing the farm manure requires you to understand how to make pellets from home-based manure. Using home-based waste will help you save a considerable amount of money if you observe your overheads. Moreover, processed farm manure will help you a great deal but might not go a long way because of the chemical additives.

How to make pellets from home-based manure

Making home-based manure can be an easy process if you understand the steps involved in making the manure. You can make different types of manure depending on the animals that produce wastes in your compound. The most important thing is to collect the manure in one place for you to access the wastes easily.

If you would like to make manure at home, here are the proper steps that you can follow:7

Drying the manure

Drying the manure is the first and essential step you need to take because most domestic animals’ waste and bedding have a lot of moisture. When you harvest the manure from the animals’ habitat, dry them either under the sun or using a dryer. The drying process is essential because the moist manure will block the hammer mill when grinding the manure. When drying, the recommended moisture content is 15%.

Shredding the manure

Once you have dried the manure to the recommended moisture content, the manure will become loose. At a 15% moisture level, the hammer mill can effectively turn the manure into powder. After crushing, ensure you attain an average size of two to five millimeters of the manure particles.

Pelletizing the manure

Crushed manure is good for pelletizing. The manure pellet mill will pelletize the manure to produce uniform granules during pelletizing. The uniform granules may be referred to as manure pellets. When the granules leave the die, their temperature is usually high and needs cooling.

Cooling the pellets

After extrusion from the manure pellet mill, the high temperature of the granules need to reduce to the least level. If you package the manure without letting it cool, there will be moisture formation that will destroy the pellets.

Kinds of fertilizer pellets

There are three primary types of manure that you can use to make manure pellets. They include chicken, cow, and horse manure pellets. Chicken manure pellets are similar to sheep manure pellets and rich in elements such as boron. Making homemade manure goes a long way in saving you their piling.

The only thing you need to prepare yourself to tolerate is the sharp odor that the manure produces. Nonetheless, the smell reduces when you dry the manure before crushing it.


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