Why Are Tokyo Ghoul Products Popular; Everything You Need To Know


Tokyo Ghoul wallpapers are a trendy fashion trend among anime fans. You can purchase these products from online platforms like AliExpress. Other than wallpapers, the platform features several other Tokyo Ghoul products. Before you start browsing the products and acquiring them, below are some things you should know about tokyo ghoul wallpaper.

What is Tokyo Ghoul?

This is a dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Sui Ishida, an anime creator. It is set in an alternate reality packed with ghouls. Ghouls are human-like creatures that feed on human flesh. These creatures dwell among the human population. They hide their true form to keep the authorities from pursuing them.

The ghouls possess supernatural abilities like enhanced strength and regenerative powers. Their RC cells flow like blood and can solidify instantly. These mystical creatures have skin resistant to conventional piercing weapons like knives. When they get excited or are starving, their eyes’ sclera and irises turn black and red, respectively.

Other than the ghouls, the alternate universe also features half-ghouls. These creatures result from the interspecies relationships between the ghouls and humans. However, some of them are artificially made by transplanting ghoul organs into people.

The series follows the story of a student who barely survives an attack from a ghoul. The student is Ken Kaneki, and the ghoul is Rize Kamishiro. Rize pretends to be a human lady and goes on a date with Ken to eat him. Ken survives the attack and is taken to hospital in critical condition. Upon recovery, he discovers that he has been artificially transformed into a half-ghoul. Throughout the series, he struggles to adapt to the ghoul lifestyle and accepts having Rize’s organs inside his body. He also tries to keep his new identity secret to society and his human companions.

Why are Tokyo Ghoul products popular?

Tokyo Ghoul products, like wallpapers, feature characters from the Japanese manga series. The popularity of these products can be attributed to the series’ overall popularity. Below are some main motivations for Tokyo Ghoul’s popularity;

  • Over the years, the manga series has been adapted into light novels, an anime series, video games, and live-action films. This has significantly contributed to its popularity. The more versions of the series are released, the more it is introduced to new demographics. The many adaptations have also led to the series not getting forgotten.
  • The series is also popular because of its unique storyline.
  • The popularity of its original manga series also contributed to its wide popularity. Most of the people that have watched and read the adaptations were formerly fans of the manga series.
  • Tokyo Ghoul also has a vintage vibe to it. In recent years, vintage products have become incredibly popular. Surprisingly, some of these products include Tokyo Ghoul products like wallpapers.


Besides wallpapers, if you are a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, you can acquire a wide range of Tokyo Ghoul products like calendars and posters. You can also expand your horizons by looking into mugs, clothes, and other products related to the manga series.


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