Maintenance and Self-Care Steps to Make Your Tape-In Extensions Last Longer


One technique that is mostly used for enhancing the length, density, and style of natural hair is tape-in hair extensions. Nevertheless, just like natural hair they need to be taken care of to extend their lifespan and maintain flawless looks. Whether you are a veteran of extensions wearing or a newbie in the game, these are some essential maintenance and care steps to help you keep your tape-in extensions looking good for longer. This article will answer your question about how long do tape in extensions last.

Proper Installation Matters

Start with a professional

Make sure you will get your hair extensions installed by a professional and certified stylist who knows how to do tape-in extensions. Installation in the right way will enhance the lifespan of these extensions and give them the natural look you want.

Use the right products

Choose sulfate-free

Opt for sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners that are made for extensions. Sulfates may cause the tape to be unable to stay on a surface, which in turn makes the tape slip off before its time.

Avoid silicone-based products

The silicone can loosen the tape and induce the degeneration of the tape. Seek for the items that are accompanied by the marking “extension-safe” or “tape-in friendly”.

Gentle Washing Techniques

Wash with care

As you wash your hair, take care to be gentle around the tape-in bonds. Go down in the motion and avoid heavy rubbing or massaging under the tapes to make sure that they are not loosened.

Keep it cool

Instead of hot water use lukewarm or cool water to enable to adhesive to remain strong.

Mindful Conditioning

Condition Mid-Length to Ends

Make sure to apply conditioner from the middle part of your hair to the ends to not touch the tape tabs and roots. Overconditioning around the tape can make the tape slip out.

Use a Lightweight Formula

Choose lighter conditioners or serums that do not leave a lot of residue behind. These will help to keep the tapes from getting dirty.

Brushing Technique

Start From the Bottom

While brushing your hair, start by detangling from the tips and then work towards the roots. Choose a soft-bristle brush or one designed for the extensions to avoid damaging them.

Hold the Bonds

While brushing near tapes, be careful to not exert unnecessary pressure on the tapes as it will cause the bond to move and hence, result in pulling and tugging.

Regular Maintenance Appointments

Schedule Touch-Ups

Regular visits to the stylist for maintenance sessions every 6-8 weeks is an important step to assure that your extensions stay in their secure place and blend with your natural hair.

Replace as Needed

If any of the tapes start to slide or become loose, don’t wait for too long to have them replaced, or you may end up with damaged hair.


Remembering and applying these maintenance tips, you can extend the lifespan of your tape-in extensions by weeks or even months. Be certain to invest sufficient effort and time into proper maintenance, which will eventually lead to the achievement of gorgeous and long-living hair extensions.


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