Why Should You Buy a High-Pressure Washer?


Are you confused about choosing a high pressure washer over a low-pressure washer? Don’t worry; this article will clear all your doubts and help you select the better choice among both.

High-pressure washer, which is also identified as power washers or jet washers, help in cleaning heavy layers of dirt by delivering a highly focused water jet to the surface.

A high-pressure washer utilizes a very less amount of water and works more efficiently than a brush to clean a dirty surface. That is why you should consider the modern and advanced technology high-pressure washer for your domestic use.

Types of Duty by High-Pressure Washer

There are several types of pressure washers you might confuse about based on the amount of pressure it exerts and the power it consumes. It mainly depends on the cleaning surface type and material.

Light Duty

The light-duty pressure washer helps you in the conditions of a very slight amount of soil attached to the object’s surface like bicycles, small cars, and furniture. The range of power for light duty is between 1200W-1400W.

Our company provides you the best product which comes with a powerful motor of 1400W very suitable in working situations for your home. The light-duty machine is the best choice for domestic use and is economically responsive.

This washer produces a maximum pressure of 110 bars (1600 PSI). The light-duty pressure washer needs a maximum of 90 bars of pressure for the job done.

Standard Duty

Standard duty high-pressure washers help you clean the objects like heavy cars, hard floors, and weeds in your garden. The ability of this machine is good and easy to use.

The power range of a standard high-pressure washer is between 1400W-2000W, which also satisfies the jet washer used for light duty. It clears the confusion that the high-pressure washer provided by the company can use in both light and standard duty operations.

The operating range of the standard duty high-pressure washer lies in between 100-130 bars which are also suitable for you with this pressure washer.

Why Electric High-Pressure Washer

This Electric Pressure washer provides less noisy, lightweight, more powerful, and environment-friendly features. The high-pressure washer is best for your home because the electric supply is easily accessible to your home and outside your home.

The water-saving efficiency of this machine is almost 75% than normal washing methods. The usage of detergents is also low as compared to conventional methods of cleaning.

High Flow Rate Matters

The standard flow rate of the high-pressure washer is not more than 10 liters per minute. With a higher flow rate, less of your time is the key factor to keep in mind while purchasing a high-pressure washer.

A high flow rate of 1.28 GPM means 4.84 liters per minute consumed by the high-pressure washer. This machine provides stronger washing capacity because of higher pressure and more waster emission from its nozzle.

You can regulate the flow rate according to the requirements of the area’s specifications, which could be hard like concrete and lenient like windows.


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