Compressor Replacement in Pressure Washers


If a compressor in your pressure washer breaks down, simply replace it with a new one… without gasoline! Recently popular but also extremely unreliable and expensive, water garden compressor units are making major waves these days due to energy conservation and their ability to offer much higher power output.

There are many brands of pressure washers in the market that claim to have the best compressor replacement system. But do they really?

Pressure washer is a very useful tool for homeowners. However, it is not the most efficient one when it comes to cleaning the entire yard. The main reason being that it does not work on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete. In order to get maximum efficiency out of pressure washers, you need to replace the compressor – a part of which is made up of an engine that drives the pump and creates high pressures in water through the machine hoses.

A compressor is one of the most important parts of a pressure washer. It is responsible for transferring the pressure from the water tank to the motor and then to the nozzle. Although they have phenomenal properties and capabilities, pressure washer compressors require regular replacement by professional technicians.

It’s easy to replace the air compressor with an electric one, but many other parts come into play when it comes to a pressure washer. The most common piece that is always replaced is the original hoses, which do not last long due to heavy wear. Things like belts and more expensive parts need replacing on a regular basis.

As pressure washers feature many different makes and models, a full complete replacement list may be hard to come by but Giraffetools has launched some of the best resources to help you.

You should also note that today’s electric pressure washers are not designed to include any compressor at all. So how do you go about updating the A/C in this appliance without risking damaging your machine? Just getting an adapter for the compressor connection inside could get tricky but electric pressure washers are currently very popular and inexpensive at the same time, so bigger markets will definitely be hungry for these

How to Choose the Right Pressure Washer Compressor

Most new compressors are sensitive to mud or water penetration and therefore are not as durable as they might be. They usually look rather cheap with inferior finishing and no documentation. You, therefore, need to know how to judge the quality of a compressor by looking at key features like sensitivity, performance, look-and-feel (like the brand of the unit), overall durability, and reliability. Compressors that don’t require any water solution or chemical treatment prior to use should certainly be considered.

Pressure Butters are a kind of pressure washers that come in handy to repair serious water damages or get clogged pipes flow back. These popular pressure washers compress as well, according to the size. It involves squeezing water out of pipes, bends, and cracks. These kits mostly use compressed gas or electric motor to trigger devices with operating temperature ranges between 104 F (41 C) and 130 F (54 C).

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