Do You Know How to Install Your Pool Heater?


Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t use your pool because it was too cold? Or you just desired warm water? The pool heater was made majorly for this. Pool heaters like the ones from Aquark make your pool warm when installed. They do this by recycling water from the pool to its heat tank and vice-versa.

There are necessary things you must understand when it comes to using a pool heater, follow tactically as that is the main purpose for writing this article.

How Do I Install My Pool Heater?

When it comes to installing a pool heater, it isn’t complicated but there are simple processes you have to take to ensure it’s properly connected and functions well.

1. Purchasing the Right Pool Heater Size and Type

You can either purchase propane or a natural gas pool heater; just make sure you remove your previous heater (if there’s any) and clear the area. Your pool pump must be off at the circuit breaker and the gas supply to the heater at the tank or gas meter depending on the type you bought while doing this.

2. Set the Pool Heater

Read and adhere to the instructions on the manual before setting up the pool heater in its area. This is very important because refusal to do so can cause highly hazardous situations.

While setting the pool heater:

  • You must allow for a flow of water and gas by placing it straight.
  • The atmosphere must be properly ventilated for airflow since heat will be generated.
  • It shouldn’t be installed near the house because of carbon monoxide production.
  • You must reduce moisture by removing nearby trees and plants.

3. Connection

You can now connect it to the pool by joining the connection union nuts that came with your PVC plumbing to the new pool heater. A silicone-based lubricant can be used to ensure a firm hold or fitting.

4. Installation

Finally, install the heater gas line with the gas valve carefully by fitting it to your pool heater. You can use a pipe dope/gas thread sealant. Afterward, start the pump and seal in case of any water leak.

What Do I Need to Know Before Installing My Pool Heater?

It’s very important to take have some things in mind before setting up a pool heater:

  1. Your location must be in order i.e. it must be straightly set up to ensure a free flow of water and air.
  2. To avoid disturbance and noise, the base of the pool heater must be solid and concrete.
  3. Do your research and know the type and amount of current that will carry your pool heater.
  4. Ensure that your pipework system is adequate for both the water and gas flow. It will also help you to know the type of size connectors to use.
  5. If you have a very large pool, it’s advisable to use two/multiple pool heaters to ensure enough circulation either connected in series or parallel.

Final Thoughts

Pool heaters are often a must-have for every pool owner. Knowing exactly how to go about installing one isn’t a bad idea and this article will guide you on the required steps to follow.


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