Five Types Of Chandeliers And What Sets Them Apart


Contrary to widespread knowledge, chandeliers are not a modern invention. They have worked as a symbol of elegance for decades. The only difference between modern and conventional chandeliers is the design. From textured chandeliers to contemporary chandeliers, there are numerous types of chandeliers on the market that will be covered in this post.

Types of chandeliers

The following are some of the best and most used types of chandeliers on the market;

1. Candle chandeliers

These are among the oldest types of candle chandeliers on the market. They usually have about five extensions. The extensions are used to hold the candles. Each one holds a different candle. Candle chandeliers are ideal for people looking to achieve a more rustic style.

Note that, unlike conventional chandelier styles, this type is usually smaller. Therefore, it does not take up a lot of space. A candle chandelier is ideal for dining room settings. It helps create a simplistic yet elegant appearance. Their main setback is that they can be messy because of the wax from the candles. However, finding such chandeliers on the market can be pretty tricky.

2. Antler chandeliers

Antler chandeliers are commonly applied outdoors. These products can turn the appearance of your home into a nature lover’s haven because of their rustic appearance. However, it is worth noting that manufacturers do not use real antlers to make these chandlers. Like the former, they do not take up a lot of space. Antler chandeliers create a more down-to-earth feel, as opposed to the luxurious feel of modern chandeliers. They also work well in living rooms and not kitchen or dining rooms. You can also use them outdoors.

3. Crystal chandeliers

These chandeliers are named after the materials from which they are manufactured. These chandeliers are designed to create a look of pure elegance. Therefore, they work well in dining and living rooms. They can also be used in both small and big rooms, as well as spiral stairways. However, they would not work well in bedroom settings because they are quite luxurious. Typical forms of crystal chandeliers are:

a. Raindrop crystal chandeliers

Raindrop crystal chandeliers are the most popular form of crystal chandeliers. Here, the crystals are arranged to resemble falling rains. They also produce a therapeutic sound when they are moved.

b. Staircase crystal chandeliers

Another type of crystal chandelier is the staircase chandelier. These are arranged to extend downwards in a spiral, like a winding stairway.

4. Glass chandeliers

These products are made from glass, and they also come in a wide range of designs. They are typically very attractive and create a luxurious feel. The various forms of glass chandeliers can get applied in different rooms and applications.

5. Modern style chandeliers

These products have a more futuristic style. They come with crisp edges and geometric shapes that complement the digital age. They also come in various forms and designs.


There are several other styles and chandelier designs. Additionally, more styles keep coming up by the day. Therefore, there is something for everyone. The availability of several styles and types of chandeliers has also led to an increase in applications.


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