Pumping VS. Breastfeeding – What’s The Best


Pumping and breastfeeding are the ways to feed babies with natural milk. However, both are entirely different processes with their advantages and limitations. As the mother’s milk is the most nutritious food for the newborn, there shouldn’t be any compromise.


It’s biologically proved that breast milk is best for an infant. Breastfeeding involves direct feeding through the breast. No alternative to breastfeeding is recommended if the mother has no issue feeding the baby.

Advantages of Breastfeeding

· Improve Baby’s Immunity

Not only the mother’s milk but also natural feeding help make the baby’s immune system stronger. According to research, the baby’s saliva interaction with the mother’s breast produces immunity substances in the mother’s body that deliver to the baby through milk.

· Free of Cost

Compared with pumping, breastfeeding does not require even a single penny to buy any device or accessories.

· Quality Time with Baby

Nothing is comparable to the warmth of a mother’s lap, and breastfeeding is a way to spend quality time with the kid. This time not only soothes your baby’s mind but also helps him to deal with the vaccination pain.

Limitations of Breastfeeding

· Lack of Comfort/Flexibility

A breastfeeding mother faces a lack of comfort because the child doesn’t feed on schedule, but you need to feed her whenever the child wants. That decreases the convenience of the mother.

· Restriction in Food and Medication

Mom needs to eat healthy food. She will have to take care of her constantly. The mother stays away from medicine as the high dosage of medicine, or any unhealthy food will affect the child’s health.

· Sleep Disturbance

The baby is always crying for milk as the breast is a source of milk always available. So it is difficult for a mother to maintain her sleep cycle.


Pumping is artificially sucking milk to feed an infant. People usually find it helpful that if a woman cannot produce enough milk, then the infant can be nourished with other women’s breast milk.

Advantages of Pumping

· Help in Flow

If a child cannot latch milk properly, pumping can help in this situation by normalizing milk flow in the breast flow. As the breast pumps suck the milk with high power, they will collect enough milk that the baby requires.

· Flexibility of Feeding 

Mother can pump milk whenever she is free and can set a schedule for pump feeding. It is also helpful for working mothers to feed their kids with natural milk rather than formula.

· Save Mom from Pain

If the baby is creating problems like biting and have poor latching capacity. Pumping can save a mother from such issues.

Limitation of Pumping

· Costly

Unlike breastfeeding, pumping demands a much higher cost. The high-quality breast pumps can cost you a few to 100 dollars or even more, and you also have to spend some on their maintenance.

· Hygiene

Pumping comes with a high risk of contamination even when following the cleaning protocols. This contamination can harm the baby.


This article contains the advantage and limitations of breastfeeding and pump feeding. Doctors often recommend choosing one method. But most people choose both options. For that situation, it depends on the mother how she feels comfortable. But before buying the product, you need to look at breast pumps on https://bellababy-med.com/products/wearable-breast-pump. You can find different options from this brand, Bella baby. Choose according to your price, comfort, and likes.


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