List of Top 3 Garage Door Spring Manufacturer


Various small and large-scaled companies are working hard to meet the local and global demands of garage door springs. Finding a trusted and leading company is quite challenging for a business or retail owner.

Connecting with the manufacturing companies saves the buyer from many problems, and it is also a cost-effective solution. That is why the market owners are always in search of top garage door springs companies.

This article comprises of top 3 garage door spring manufacturer where you can place your order. All these companies will provide you

  • Massive springs range
  • Superior customer service
  • Top-notch quality
  • Advanced and standard products
  • Reasonable prices

Companies Review

1. Bestar

Bestar is the top USA standard manufacturer of garage and roll-up doors and their related accessories. The company was established in 2006, and now it has three manufacturing branches in China from where it is supplying its products in >21 countries.

Bestar is now manufacturing the latest garage door springs, including powder-coated, galvanized, and oil tempered torsion springs. You will get a huge range of springs of different lengths, costs, types, and coating.

Other than the USA, the company supplies its products in other countries, including Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and others.

Main Products

  • Garage door
  • Garage door springs
  • Garage door windows and other parts
  • Roll-up door
  • Roll-up door spring and other parts

2. Service Spring Corporation

SSC is a renowned company that manufactures and distributes garage door springs all over the US. The company was established in 1962, and since then, it’s continuously manufactured high-performance springs for its manufacturers.

Two major distribution centers of SSC are located in California and Ohio, while its services centers are located in many cities, including Toledo, Chicago, Dallas, Annapolis, Phoenix, etc.

SSC is offering a wide range of garage door springs with different coatings, sizes, standards, and prices.

If you are a US resident, SSC is a reliable and top company for you. Go and check the official website of the company for more inquiries.

Main Products

  • Torsion and extension springs
  • Powder-Coated springs
  • Square-wire springs
  • Galvanized springs

3. DDM Garage Doors, Inc.

DDM is a Chicago-based company that was of garage door springs that were established in 1982. The company is working in the field of manufacturing and distribution of springs. Now DDM is working as the leading company in the US, assisting many large and small-scale businesses.

Other than the US, DDM supplies its products in Canada, the UK, and many countries in Europe. The company is subjected to supply a huge range of standard spring sizes in different lengths. If you are interested in dealing with DDM, check the service map.

Main Products

  • Garage doors
  • Garage door springs
  • Garage door parts
  • Dock leveler parts

Final Verdict

The above-mentioned list consists of the top 3 garage door spring manufacturers that are serving mainly the US market along with many other countries. You can check the company’s official websites for more information and choose the most appropriate option among the three.


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