The Primary Forms Of CNC Machining Services


Milling is a method of manufacturing parts by cutting and removing pieces from a workpiece. It is applied in a wide range of major functions, like slotting, threading, and chamfering. It allows for the manufacturing of both simple and intricate products. The market features a wide range of milling services. This post will focus on the various types of CNC machining services and what they entail.

Major CNC machining service types

Below are some of the most common milling services on the market:

1. CNC milling

CNC milling uses a cutting tool controlled by a computer. It is a form of CNC machining where processes like cutting and drilling are conducted. The method of CNC milling starts with the creation of a Computer-Aided Code. The code is then translated into a language that the CNC milling machine can understand.

Afterward, it is fed into the machine, and the process of milling starts. CNC milling is 100% Computer Numerically Controlled. This means that once the process has begun, no human input is required. Another element that sets CNC milling apart from traditional milling is that the cutters move along multiple axes simultaneously.

2. CNC turning

Also known as lathing, CNC turning is another popular CNC milling service. It is applied in the creation of cylindrical parts such as bushings and shafts. In this technique, the metal part spins as it controls the cutting process. The movement happens along various axes. More than one axis can be applied.

In this case, each axis helps facilitates a specific movement direction. In CNC turning, the material is removed around the circumference of the workpiece. This is done repetitively until the desired shape and diameter are achieved. The process can be done using various types of machines, but the most common ones are fixed head CNC machines and sliding head CNC machines.

3. CNC multi-spindle machining

As the name suggests, a CNC multi-spindle machine features several spindles on a single drum. This manufacturing method involves the drum changing its position and rotating in multiple directions as a product is produced.

The manufacturing task is divided between the various spindles. This means that each spindle is in charge of a particular manufacturing task significant to completing the desired product. This type of CNC machining service is highly beneficial as it is time and cost-saving. It can also be used for making intricate parts.

4. CNC drilling

Drilling is the process of creating cylindrical holes in a workpiece. In CNC drilling, the holes are created using multi-point drills. The technique can be used to develop both perpendicular and angular holes. Of the two methods, angular holes are harder to achieve. This is because you will need specialized machine configurations for the process.


CNC machining is a highly beneficial technology. Each of the processes mentioned above has its benefits. However, they are all highly accurate and precise in cutting. CNC technology also reduces the amount of material wastage during production. The reduced manual intervention in the process also allows for reduced operating and labor costs. It also prevents errors in the procedure.


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