New Suorin Drop: A Revolution in the E-Cigarette Industry


It’s been a long time coming, but the industry has finally seen a new player in the world of electronic cigarettes. Suorin has released the latest Drop, a vape that is both stylish and innovative. With its sleek design and user-friendly features, the Drop is set to revolutionize the way e-cigarettes are used. Keep reading as we help you learn everything about this superb new Suorin Drop.

What Is the Suorin Drop 2 All About?

The new Suorin Drop is everything you love about the original, plus a few major extras. It is one of the most popular sets of electronic cigarettes available in the market that comes in a wide range of flavors. Besides mastering the flavor department, one section that attracts attention the most is its overall portability.

Featuring a more exquisite body design, the Drop 2 seamlessly incorporates rich aspects from contemporary popular culture and well-known works of art and blends the same harmonically. Talking about the design, in particular, it has small, lightweight crafting weighing only 62g. The dimensions are also pretty minimal, as the measurements follow the lines of 78.8mm by 52mm by 17.6mm.

Interesting to note that the overall size is only one-third of any typical cell phone. Having said that, you already know that Drop 2 can easily serve the portability section. The device fits well in the user’s palm because of its curved surfaces and pod-like design!

Hidden Button Design: A Unique Trait Worth Knowing About

Admit it! Most of us who use e-cigarettes have experienced inadvertent firing. However, the new Suorin Drop ensures that consumers are no longer bothered by such things. Embedded with a fire button on the side, the entire arrangement is formulated to avoid accidental firing occurrences at any cost.

A Special Airway Design For Better Flavor

The new Suorin Drop’s design has another ingenious crafting that handles the flavor segment in addition to the secret button. The air passage design is the name for it. Everything is sewn such that after inserting the Pod cartridge, the accessible hole (or air passage hole) will form a closed air chamber structure. Remember that the exact e-liquid immersion area has undergone approximately 100 tests. That said, the Suorin Drop 2 is one of the strongest loose mouth-to-lung vapes available. Everything sets up for an amazing vaping experience.

Wrapping Up

That wraps up today’s session on the new suorin drop. In case you’ve read it until this point, you already know how this stands as a revolutionary product in the e-cigarette industry. The fact that it provides an easier way for people to vape and has many benefits over other e-cigarettes makes it an excellent choice. The drop is easy to use and has many advantages over other products on the market. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use e-cigarette with next-level utilities, the new suorin drop is a great choice. For those who are confused with some unseen queries, feel free to reach out to us.


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