KEEPTOP Industrial Packaging Materials


KEEPTOP stands as the leading manufacturer and supplier of premier industrial packaging materials, including heat shrink wrap, stretch wrap, and plastic strapping. Boasting multiple blown film lines and production facilities dedicated to plastic strapping, KEEPTOP maintains a ready inventory of standard products. To learn more, please visit

KEEPTOP ensures swift delivery of both standard and customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. They provide a comprehensive range of industrial packaging materials, encompassing heat shrink film, stretch film, plastic strapping, and packing tape.

KEEPTOP Industrial Packaging Materials

KEEPTOP makes sure to access several of the best industrial packaging materials you can use. They Include:

Heat Shrink Wrap

The Heat Shrink Wrap from KEEPTOP is one of the best in the market. It wraps the products with a shrink film. After heating it, it wraps the product tightly because Heat Shrink Wrap comes with an excellent shrinking ability.

Heat Shrink Wrap has an advantage in that it is highly clear and allows the packaged products to appear, improving their displayability and beauty.

Furthermore, the heat shrink film exhibits additional attributes such as resistance to moisture, pollution, theft, and scratches. This comprehensive set of features ensures not only the visual enhancement of the product but also its safeguarding from various potential hazards and environmental factors.

Some of the heat shrink wraps include polyolefin shrink film, POF heat shrink wrap for high-speed machines, polyolefin shrink film for printing, cross-linked POF heat shrink wrap, and many more.

Plastic Strapping

This industrial packaging material is an amazing one. This KEEPTOP Plastic Strapping readily conforms to corners and does not make any sharp edges on the product’s packaging. Plastic Strapping performs reliably and smoothly for both manual tools and power strapping machines.

When using Plastic Strapping, you are assured of speedy, easy, and more efficient product sending, ensuring the security of your product since it is robust and dependable when it comes to bundling and containment of heavy goods and many more attached advantages.

Some of the KEEPTOP Plastic Strappings include Polypropylene strapping, Custom printing polypropylene strapping, polyester strapping, black PET strapping, and many more.

Stretch Wrap

KEEPTOP also allows you to enjoy the service of a stretch wrap. If you want to package pallets and scattered goods, then the stretch wrap is the best option to count on.

Stretch wrap is a versatile and essential tool in the packaging and shipping industry, finding applications in pallet wrapping, carton sealing, and cargo bundling. PE stretch film is crucial for securing and protecting goods before transportation or storage, particularly in warehousing and logistics. Its wide-ranging use extends to the industrial and manufacturing sectors, where it provides effective product protection for items such as metal products, furniture, and electrical equipment. Notably, its impressive 100-300% stretching capacity eliminates the need for additional tools like tape or heat sealing, making it a convenient and efficient solution.

The protective capabilities of the stretch wrap are paramount, safeguarding shipments from moisture, dust, and dirt. Beyond its role in preservation, stretch wrap also serves as a deterrent against tampering, offering an indication of the item’s integrity. Its ability to cling to itself ensures the cohesion of bundled items, streamlining the packaging process. The stretch wrap stands out as a reliable and adaptable solution, enhancing packaging operations’ safety, security, and efficiency across diverse industries.


KEEPTOP stands out as the leading developer and supplier of many industrial packaging materials that you need for your packaging needs. These packaging materials are essential for the protection and safety of the products.


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